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I am being told that I do not qualify for a survey. What does this mean?

Some surveys require a very specific set of respondents who have specific profiles and not everyone will qualify to complete every single survey.  If you do not fit a certain profile that our client is looking for, you will not qualify to complete the entire survey and you will not be awarded any points.

There may also be times when our clients set specific quotas. Because our community is a very dedicated and eager one, we recommend taking your surveys as soon as you receive them. Otherwise, surveys could be closed or certain quotas can be reached.

Being disqualified from some surveys because you don´t fit the survey profile or because the quota is already filled is part of the market research industry, so don´t feel bad about it; you´ll be certainly have new surveys to participate soon!

Remember that you´ll be rewarded every time you will successfully complete a survey. More details here.

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  • 06-Feb-2019